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Thank you, Mr. President!

Aleks Tarn

Thank you, Mr. President!

As a Jew and Israeli, I cannot help but thank you for acknowledging my rights for Jerusalem, Golan heights, and settlements of Judea and Samaria, in one of which I have the honor to abide.
Thank you for the powerful diplomatic support of my Country in the world, where for decades we were a state untouchable, a state-Jew, submitted to daily lynching at all international forums. Lynching by the cannibal majority instigated by such paramount of democracy and progress as Syria, Chad, and Venezuela, with the silent consent of our European frenemies.

Thank you for a pack of peace treaties with our Arab neighbors, the treaties we dreamed about for many years as a far mirage in an Arabian desert. We dreamed--but you made our dreams come true. A huge part of these achievements is irreversible. During the four years, you did more for us than a dozen previous inhabitants of the White House starting with Harry Truman and ending with your predecessor whose name I forgot and do not want to remember.

And still, your contribution to the modern history goes far beyond the aforementioned changes, however important they may be for my beloved, but not very significant on the world scale, Country. This is what I want to talk about, your global, enormous contribution to the history of the mankind. To the world driven insane by the lies and totalitarian violence of PC dictate, you gave back one of the most important human values, Common Sense.

Common sense, which raises to pedestal not the ephemeral yarn of UniversalValues™, but the elementary logic of life. Common sense, which tells you that when a thuggish neighbor breaks into your house with a caravan of his slaves, drug dealers, rapists, and cut throats, you have to keep him out by a tall fence and a loyal guard.
That the politics of freebee welfare proliferates millions of single mothers, parasites, criminals, and scumbags. That turning once-glorious Universities into the breeding grounds of "gender and social studies" deprives the country of creative youth unleashing good-for-nothing zombies, the cadres of anarchy and fascism.
That our only chance to survive the global climatic changes is in the fastest development of technology rather than in suicidal restrictions on the energy sector, the basis of technological progress. That the castration of genetics and the persecution of scientists daring to publish data displeasing the Progressives is not a sacred fight against the blemishes of "white supremacism", but obscurantism putting science under the yoke of ideology, as in the era of Galileo and Copernicus.
That a normal family is Mother, Father, and Children, and not same-sex Parent #1 and Parent #2, buying children from women-incubators from the Third World, like puppies or slaves at a slave market. That America does not have to pay for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners of his economic competitors. That forcing the culture on those who reject it is an exercise in futility.

You, Mr. President, reminded about it to the world, which, like Atlas from the prophetic book of Ayn Rand, is suffocating in the poison ivy of vile Progressivism draining its life force. Thank you for that. Thank you for your gallantry and your defiance of smears and buckets of filth pouring daily onto your head from all sides. The Leftist Apostles of Bullshit living by falsehoods and breathing lies, accused you of lying, - you! - the only defender and champion of Truth and Common Sense. It was truly a surrealist picture, a negative of reality.

The wind carried their unstoppable barking, like dogs surrounding a powerful bear. You were fighting them like this giant bear, alone in a heroic but hopeless battle. Hopeless, because even a powerful grisly cannot defeat such a huge pack of coyotes. Let it be a lesson for those who will come after you, inspired by your great example: to achieve victory, one must gather a loyal team, make a realistic plan, and start from putting the sabre-tooth pack on the leash. There is no other way.

Fighting nausea, yesterday I was watching the coronation of the old fart and his purple damsel. The verses of Alexander Pushkin popped into my mind:
"Never-stopping, Eerie-looking,
In the turbid game of Moon,
Whirling demons, Ugly, spooky,
Evil omens of the doom."

and then:
"Do they bury an ancient goblin?
Marry off a hideous hag?"
[“Demons”, A. Pushkin, translated by I.Rouzine]

Judging from the looks of the goblin, yesterday's ceremony was, indeed, a prelude to his funerals. But the witch danced away at her swampy wedding. The hag has married the subdued Atlas. Now she is Parent #1 and Parent #2, in her one purple person.

Hey, live incubators! Get your wombs ready! Offer your children to the bloody Leftist Moloch! Today he celebrates his smelly, phony, swindled victory. And right after the coven, on the steps of US Capitol recaptured from the people, there came bitter hangover for those who, until the last moment, hoped for a miracle.

I will tell you honestly, I was worried by the state of many friends of mine after it became clear that all the attempts of the legal Trump's team are being blocked by the Leftist demons and their pet bureaucrats. I was worried by the calls to believe in some sort of esoteric "Plan", in a mysterious cunning move, in a secretly prepared coup against the foe--and other fantastic scenarios. It was sad to hear all of this also because the adherents of Trump have been betrayed by their Common Sense, which was exactly what Trump reminded the world about during his heroic cadence.

As expected, the disappointment was the stronger the more fantastic were the vain hopes. I had to console those of my friends whose despair had reached completely disproportionate scales. Hey, guys! Life did not end with the defeat of President. While Common Sense lives, there is always hope for his return. Remember the story of rabbi Akiva who managed to save his life after his boat has capsized in a storm? Our sage simply grabbed a plank and ducked with each incoming wave. I told my despairing friends the same. Hold to the plank of Common Sense, do not let it go on your own will and never let anyone pull it from your hands.

Do not give it away when the Left demons will palm you off a safety vest with a lead bell inside. And duck on time, when another ninth wave of turbid Progressivist lies and Fascist violence comes. We live in the time just like that. Just duck and wait for an auspicious moment. Somewhere, a new John Galt is already gathering his men, his Army of Common Sense. You shall see: Atlas will spread his shoulders, rise to his full height, and the Parents with Numbers will scuttle away from him, like the rest of demonic garbage.

(translated from Russian by Igor Rouzine)

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