alekstarn (alekstarn) wrote,

Не могу дышать (англ).

Aleks Tarn
Translated from Russian by Lev Passov

I can't breathe!

"I can't breathe..." - he croaked, before giving his soul back to the Lord, who, we hope, will be able to use this eternal substance again - to fill another, more dignified human vessel.  No need to say, death by suffocation under the knee of an overzealous cop is hardly to be saluted, although the Ministry of Finance will surely, albeit furtively, think differently.  For, every breath that Mr. Floyd took (and he managed to take many a breath alright) cost American taxpayers at least a few cents spent on food-stamps, which enabled this freeloader to eat quite well, on support of single mothers, whom he abandoned after having knocked them up, on the war on drugs, which he fervently consumed, and on prevention of looting and swindling that Big Georgie practiced during episodes free from heroin-induced stupor. Nevertheless, life is life, and it is, as one Soviet writer correctly pointed out, given to us not for the purpose of suffering the tantalizing misery under someone's knee - notwithstanding the above-mentioned parsimony of budget.  Moreover, I myself have a known sense of solidarity with those, whose T-shirts today announce "I can't breathe...". For, believe it or not, "I can't" either.

I can't breathe, because my neck is crushed down by the oppressing knee of the left-wing progressionist gang, which has long since turned the once free Western society into a big concentration camp under the press of the dictatorship of "political correctness".

I can't breathe because this gang can at any moment label any healthy man a leper, burn the Cain's brand out on his forehead, slander him and lynch him, ruin his life and the life of his family, make him repent publicly, cry and crawl on his belly, and then dump him into a cesspit, ready to look for another victim.  This level and magnitude of cannibalism was not in the wildest dreams of the seasoned adepts of the Stalinist inquisition.

I can't breathe because of the vile Orwellian language, which the oppressors are forcing down my throat - sparing my teeth for now, but, apparently, they are soon to follow.  I can’t breathe because of all these "his/her" instead of inclusive "his", because of "parent number 1" and "parent number 2" instead of "mother and father," because of "member of LGBT community" instead of "homosexual", because of “people who menstruate” instead of "women", "impaired" instead of "lame", "disabled" instead of "retarded", and because of all the remaining multitude of pseudo-terms that are being forced upon me by the brute totalitarian dictate.

I can't breathe because of bans on professions and on scientific topics that are "not politically correct", because of dismissal of professors and suspension of teachers, who dared - no, not to protest! - yet merely to praise the oppressors not so vociferously as they would like to be praised.

I can't breathe because of constant deceit passed for "scientific views", because of technological prohibitions, because of yelping about "fight against global warming", which threatens widespread unemployment, hunger and doom of civilization.

I can't breathe because of hangmen and cannibals presiding on all sorts of panels and committees in the UN, serial killers, who donned mantles of the justices of the International Tribunal, because of bloody dictators, who impertinently instruct the still relatively free world on how it ought to respect human rights.

I can't breathe as the medieval Islamic cutthroats, admitted by the progressionists into the civilized world under the guise of humble "refugees", turn the once ordinary neighborhoods into zones of scot-free burglary and rape.

I can't breathe as the rowdy rabble of any color spills out like volcanic lava onto the streets of our cities, crashing and burning everything that can be crashed and burned, while the law retreats cowardly at the bidding of the progressionist politicians supported by the hoodlums.

I can't breathe as once free citizens of the once free land, having knelt down, lick urine-besmirched boots of the grinning looter, for fear of losing their family, earnings, health, part, contract or place in the front-lines.

I can't breathe fearing for my grandchildren, to whom I bequeath the world, invaded by the left-wing scoundrels.

I can't breathe!  Can you hear me? I can't breathe!

You can't either? You are asking what we can do to avoid being irremediably suffocated, like the "great martyr" Floyd?  Rest assured, it is coming exactly to that, factually, without literary hyperbolas. The only difference is that we, the normal people, are not going to be buried in golden coffins, but thrown into a collective hole with a bulldozer blade - if bulldozers are still in existence by then.  Although, "the progressionists" of Pol Pot, as I can recall, managed to bury a quarter of Cambodian population without the dozers, just with hoes...

I'll tell you what to do.  Actually, the answer is obvious.  There is only one way to subvert occupation force: revolt, rebellion, resistance. Of course, I do not ask you to go out on the streets to smash storefronts and burn tires.  Normal people will rarely even join peaceful protests, let alone those associated with violence.  Normal people live normal lives, which consist of normal family, normal job and normal time off.  They can hardly find time to stand in picket-lines, brandish posters and get into physical fights with the knuckleheads, who have inherently superior abilities to hit, torture and kill.  I cannot ask you - normal - to become abnormal.  It does not mean, however, that you are incapable of uprising.  Start it - everyone in his own place.  Begin with the unrelenting rejection of the oppressors' language.  It only appears that the inverse Orwellian language is a consequence of the incursion; in fact, the opposite is true. The left-wing progressionist gang first mangles the normal speech, thus displacing the meaning of the words, and only then it endeavors to use this mendacious material to build fictitious castles of "universal values."  Refuse to be "parent number ..." The norm is not a crime, just like the deviation from the norm - is not a virtue.  Be who you really are: a woman, a man, mother, father, white, black, yellow, ultramarine... - and renounce steadfastly to be penitent for this status.  Paraphrasing the poet Tsvetaeva: "To their unlawful world / The answer is - renounce!"

Second, no less important point: do not be shy and give a proper moral assessment to any manifestations of the leftist depravity in your immediate circle. By remaining friendly with the leftists and those who support them, you normalize the occupation and morally justify it.  Remember: the fictional symmetry between "the left" and "the right" is one of the typical "displaced meanings" of the progressionists.  Invader, liar, and depredator cannot be symmetrical to normal person.  They usurped with impunity the titles of liberals and humanists, but their suffocating totalitarianism has nothing in common with liberty, and their "humanism" comes not from the word human, but from the word humus (from lat.: muck, dirt)

Left means vile. You are normal; the leftist progressionists are deviants from the norm, primarily moral. The oppressive left worldview is not yet subject to criminal persecution, unlike the ideology of fascism related to it, but this fact should not stand in the way of the uncompromising moral reprobation of its villainous adepts and their sympathizers.  Do not engage in discussions with the progressionists, thus getting on their level, but simply exclude them from the ranks of your friends: perhaps it will make some of them think.

Some will say: it is not enough.  But it is necessary to start somewhere, is it not? So why don't you, in addition to complaining in social media, start with your own personal circle - without any kinds of protests, demonstrations, reparations and contributions?  Because the occupation has already gone too far, and if you simply continue wheezing "I can't breathe," everything will end very badly. Badly indeed for everyone.

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